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What is MIS?

Unlike traditional surgery, minimally invasive procedures involve no large incisions whatsoever. Instead, extremely small incisions are made, only large enough for the insertion of minuscule cameras equipped with microscopes and tiny fiber-optic flashlights.

Surgeons use this micro-technology to view the inside of your body on a high-definition monitor. After the procedure, it takes only a few stitches to close up each of the incisions.

For the patient, MIS means:

Smaller Incisions
Faster Recovery
Less Pain

In addition, the benefits of minimally invasive surgery include:

Increased safety: 
With smaller incisions, there is less trauma to the body and far less blood loss.
Decreased scarring: 
Most incisions just take a stitch or two to close.
Faster recovery: 
Whereas recovery from traditional surgeries typically takes six to eight weeks;
patients who have undergone minimally invasive procedures usually recover in only two.
Decreased length of hospital stay: 
Most MIS procedures are associated with a 23 hour discharge or scheduled outpatient surgery

Dr. K. Warren Volker bringing awareness to Minimally Invasive Surgery 
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