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Professional Opportunities

AAGL Observership Program

LVMIS holds host to a highly sought after Observership Program. Physicians get the opportunity to observe minimally invasive gynecologic surgery by master surgeons and in highly specialized practices. This program is designed for physicians who are currently experienced in minimally invasive surgery, committed to advancing their surgical techniques, and increasing their skills to a higher level of performance. You must hold in good standing a current medical license. For more information, please visit the AAGL Observership Program website.


Q. What is the Purpose of the Observership Program?

A. The Board of Trustees of the AAGL has established short, observational, educational programs for physicians who wish to observe the clinical practice and operative care of recognized leaders in gynecological surgery and minimally invasive gynecologic care.

Q. Is their Documentation of the Observership Program?

A. With the permission of the Program Director, a certificate of attendance may be provided by the AAGL office to the participants. 

Q. What is AAGL’s Administrative Responsibility?

A. The AAGL office will accept the observer’s application and confirm to them the availability of a site. In tho way the Preceptor is insulated from declining an applicant.

Q. What are the Host Preceptor Responsibilities?

A. The AAGL office only confirms the match once the Preceptor has accepted the applicant as an observer in the program. It is the obligation of the Preceptor to communicate to the applicant all subsequent pertinent information.

Q. Is there funding available?

A. Funding is not available for either the observer or the host Preceptor.  

Q. How do I apply?

A. You must go through an application process via the AAGL Observership Program website.